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pLeaSe LeaVe ThiS bLog if U aRe a mOnsTEr!! pLeaSe LeaVe ThiS bLog if U dOn't LiKe mE!! pLeaSe dOn't juDge mE by it's cOVer!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

xDek mknAnyeww~~~~

sblm lmpu dipadam...10:30pm; watched "Driven", i felt in love with Ferrari California...guess the price? fucking expensive!! yaa...what can i say, it's Ferrari not Ferrero..ngee~~~ btw,congrats to Mohd Mentor..the boy who look alike Ady Putra...emm,i think so...he won with ZZ...huhu...mmg masyuk! titon tyme..zzzZZZ~~~

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