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pLeaSe LeaVe ThiS bLog if U aRe a mOnsTEr!! pLeaSe LeaVe ThiS bLog if U dOn't LiKe mE!! pLeaSe dOn't juDge mE by it's cOVer!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

k0nv0 = penat, panazz, happy!

2 days that soo tiring...rehearsal n konvo day..hmm..capek mas...nevertheless, i'm so happy after 3 years...huh..what a long time..erm,xtly not so happy...why? Dia pasti mengerti...~~ huh, smlm aq jmpa 'dia'...happy to see 'dia' again...walaupun..~ hopefully, after this dpt konvo for degree plak..insyAllah ada rezeki..amin~ peace :)
p/s : mom, tq for coming..also to my bro..

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